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Marjorie Taylor Greene says God made females in “his” image and everyone’s confused

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Protect Children’s Innocence Act”. Yesterday, she gave a speech explaining why she felt the need to protect the “sacred identity of children.” She did so next to her beloved big sign declaring there are only two genders: male and female.

The sign normally hangs outside her office in Congress.Something must be done to protect the sacred identity of children. Because God made all of us male and female in his image.My bill, the Protect Children’s Innocence Act, will do that.

I urge every one of my colleagues to join me., many criticized her proposed legislation and her Biblical arguments.It has no idea what God is thinking.Greene’s assertion that God made “male and female” in “his” image prompted particular confusion.“His” image?

Interesting"Because God made all of us male and female in his image." Uh, does this mean God had a female side/appearance too, because otherwise how could He/She do that?

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