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Earthen Vessels Of A Lesser Congressman + School Shooter's Parents Nabbed + Inside The Best Madonna Photo Exhibition Ever + RIP Antony Sher + MORE — 6-PACK

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ABOVE: Let us give thanks for Jeff Bridges. BELOW: Keep reading for Madison Cawthorn's abortion-wrongs argument, the parents of that school shooter are arrested, an incredible Madonna exhibition and more  ...

I earn nothing from this bonus ad. (Image via our collective gay past) TWITTER: This insane rant by Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-South Carolina) uses an utterly insipid argument on abortion, comparing an embryo to a developing Polaroid photo. (Uh, in his example, the person who destroys the picture is a stranger, whereas in reality, we are talking about photographers destroying their own work, but I digress.) He rambles on about the Bible as if the U.S.

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