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“Excruciatingly hot” roommates, a masked madman & more from the Cannes canon to stream this weekend

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Welcome to your weekend streaming recommendations, a.k.a. the Weekend Watch, a handy guide to the queerest film and TV content that’s just a click away!Who would like to join us on a trip to the French Riviera?

Not, sadly, a literal one—but if you’ve been jealously watching the 2023 Cannes Film Festival unfold from afar this week, we know what will make you feel you’re experiencing the historic fest in person.

While Berlin’s international film festival has its Teddy Award and Venice’s gives out the Queer Lion, it’s in Cannes that the global filmmaking community has bestowed cinema’s highest honor for specifically LGBTQ+ movies; the Queer Palm has been recognizing queer excellence on screen since 2010. The film that won the inaugural Queer Palm award kicks off our list of streaming recommendations you Cannes—and should—boot up this weekend.

Immerse yourself in all the queer cinematic glamour below and you just might feel that sweet Mediterranean breeze.Gregg Araki has always been such an eccentric visionary, his storytelling style couldn’t help but advance the New Queer Cinema movement.

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