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A horror-comedy whodunit featuring some of our favorite gays, ‘Werewolves Within’ is an underrated gem

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Super Mario Bros. Movie, which already earned enough cash to enter the ranks of the Top 20 highest-grossing movies in the world.

Ever.Historically, video game adaptations haven’t had a lot of success at the movie theater (just look at the first Mario Bros.

movie from 30 years ago), but given the record-shattering amount of money Mario, Princess Peach, and the rest of their Nintendo pals have raked in ($1.3 billion and counting), we’re pretty sure we’re about to enter a new era of gaming characters on the big screen.With that in mind, before video game adaptations take over the box office, we wanted to bring your attention to an under-seen gem of movie from just a few years back that’s fresh, funny, and queer-inclusive: Werewolves Within.Based on the 2016 multiplayer VR game for the Oculus, Windows, and Playstation, you might not be familiar with the game itself, but we can almost guarantee you already know how to play it.Werewolves Within is, itself, inspired by the popular party game known as Werewolf—or, Mafia—in which players are secretly sorted into one of two groups: Werewolves and villagers.

If you’re in the former group, your goal is to covertly “kill off” the villagers one by one each round. The villagers, then, must debate and decide who among them is a werewolf, naming the correct suspects before it’s too late.The role-playing nature of the game and the absence of any deeper narrative makes its the perfect sandbox for a film to play in, which is exactly what Werewolves Within does, taking creative liberties to create a fun horror-comedy whodunit that’ll keep you guessing, laughing, and screaming.Instead of the game’s medieval fantasy setting, the 2021 movie takes us to the snowy mountain town of Beaverfield,.

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