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Four LGBTQ candidates running for delegate to Democratic National Convention from D.C.

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Four LGBTQ Democratic Party activists are running for election as delegates from D.C. to the Democratic National Convention at a May 20 local Democratic Party caucus election in which all D.C.

voters who are registered as Democrats will be eligible to vote. The four LGBTQ candidates are among 32 candidates competing for just 13 elected delegate positions.

D.C. will have a total of 51 delegates to the Democratic Convention, but the other 38 include elected officials and party leaders who are considered “automatic” or appointed delegates.

The convention will be held in Chicago Aug. 19-23, Under the delegate selection process put in place by the D.C. Democratic Party, six of the thirteen elected delegate positions will be elected by voters in a section of the city designated as District 1, which includes Wards 1,2, 6, and 8.

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