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Gay Flamingo Couple Become Fathers After Hatching Chick

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An abandoned baby flamingo was taken under the wing by a pair of two gay flamingos at the Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, England.The egg was kept in an incubator after it was neglected by its biological parents, and zookeepers sought foster parents before it hatched.They decided that male flamingos, Hudson and Blaze, were the best suited for the job.

According to the zoo’s website, they were “experienced flamingo parents,” and took “excellent care of their shared nest.”The egg was placed in the couple’s nest, and Hudson and Blaze immediately began to take care of it.

After two weeks of sitting with it, to keep it warm and protect it from flamingos, the egg hatched into a healthy, fluffy gray flamingo.

Bird team leader, Tim Savage explained how gay flamingos are not unusual. “Flamingos usually work together, as a monogamous pair, to care for their eggs and subsequent chicks.

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