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London’s Vagina Museum Is Ready to Reenter the World

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Vagina Museum is poised to make its glorious return in a bigger and better venue on March 19.The world’s only museum dedicated to “vaginas, vulvas, and the gynecological anatomy” first opened in Camden Market in 2019.

The museum’s queer founder and director, Florence Schecter, was inspired by learning that there was a penis museum in Iceland, but no equivalent for vaginas.

Schecter set about to create a project that challenges the stigma and misinformation around vaginas but to do so in a queer and trans-inclusive way.However, in September of the following year, the museum announced that its landlord had opted not to renew its lease, turning the Camden location into a clothing store instead.The museum immediately began looking for a new location and ultimately discovered one that was the perfect fit — and three times larger — in Bethnal Green.

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