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Iowans stage protest against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation

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Frustrated by the onslaught of legislative efforts by Republican lawmakers targeting the state’s LGBTQ+ community and especially students, a huge protest crowd estimated to be over a thousand parents, students, educators, faith leaders, community organizers and elected officials attended the Sunday ‘Rally to Resist’ on the West steps of the Iowa State Capitol. “Iowans have had enough.

We understand that our friends, neighbors, and family members are under attack and their rights are being stripped away. And Iowans are unified against anti-LGBTQ bills,” a Progress Iowa spokesperson told the Des Moines Register.

Iowa Senate Democrats welcomed the protestors tweeting: “Today, Iowa students and families showed up to protest all of the anti-LGBTQ bills sponsored by Republican politicians.

Senate Democrats were proud to welcome them to the Iowa State Capitol. #ialegis #wesaygay“ “No politician has the right to tell us which bathroom to use, deny us medical care, dictate which pronouns to call ourselves, ban books and curriculum, roll back civil rights, deny adoption and foster care, do away with marriage equality, or call queer people obscene,” a Progress Iowa press release stated.

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