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Who is Artemis Langford? Trans Woman Accused of Peeping in Sorority House

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transgender women in female issues and spaces. Some argue transgender women should be treated the same as other women, while others claim they are different and wish to protect women's rights and privacy.Feminists who are against transgender inclusion often cite cases in which men have masqueraded as a woman to gain access to female spaces.

In January, a transgender woman convicted of two counts of rape in Scotland sparked controversy over whether she should serve her sentence in a women's prison.The Cowboy State Daily identified the transgender woman in the lawsuit as Artemis Langford, who made headlines in 2022 following the decision by the Kappa Kappa Gamma sisterhood to allow her to join.The lawsuit, reportedly brought against the sorority, its council president and Langford, alleges this was done without respecting the organization's governing rules.

The plaintiffs, who are anonymized, are said not to be seeking damages but want the court to void Langford's membership.According to court documents obtained by Cowboy State Daily, Smith lives outside of the sorority house but would often be there to socialize.

The lawsuit alleged that Smith, while watching members enter the house, "had an erection visible through his leggings" and on other occasions "had a pillow in his lap."On one occasion, Smith reportedly watched another member, dressed only in a towel, go to take a shower on the house's private second floor and felt an "unsettling presence" before seeing Smith "watching her silently."We have the BEST Legislative Intern!

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