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Drag Race: The queens fight back against anti-drag rhetoric in Wigloose the Rusical

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The queens tapped into their inner Broadway star on the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15. Spoilers ahead For this week’s maxi-challenge, Ru tasked the final six contestants to tap into their inner Broadway queens for the “all dancing, all prancing” Rusical, Wigloose. “Set in the 80s, Wigloose takes place in a small town, where drag has been outlawed,” Ru explained.  “The characters include Heaven Bacon, a teenage drag queen ready to shake things up; Mama Bacon, Heaven Bacon’s wise drag mother; Preacher Teacher, the narrow-minded town leader; and there’s Carl, Preacher Teacher’s obedient husband.” After Ru exited the workroom, the ladies formed a huddle to listen to the music and assign the Wigloose parts.

While Mistress Isabelle Brooks, Anetra, Salina EsTitties, and Sasha Colby landed on their roles without any pushback, Loosey La Duca and Luxx Noir London clashed over the Rusical’s lead character of Heaven.  “The character of Heaven is someone who I think I can put a lot of myself into,” Luxx argued.

In response, Loosey said: “I feel like I have the energy of Heaven. Heaven is very like bright-eyed, super positive.” Things got even tenser when Luxx called out Loosey for wanting the part of Heaven because it’s the lead role.

MTV Mistress seemingly agreed with the New Jersey-based queen before claiming that Loosey was not being real – which did not go well with latter.  “You think I’m not being real right now?

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