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WATCH: This powerful doc unpacks HIV stigma and explores why it’s still so difficult to disclose status

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How To Tell A Secret, which takes a closer look at what it means to be HIV-positive in this day and age, the stigma surrounding it, and the act of disclosure.Adapted from a play by Shaun Dunne called Rapids, the writer/star has teamed up with filmmaker Anna Rodgers to co-direct the project for the screen, offering an artful examination of “status” in contemporary Ireland through a blend of first-person accounts and performances pieces.As we know, testing positive for HIV is no longer a death sentence, and there are many who have it that are able to live safe, happy, and healthy lives.

But some still choose to remain silent about their status out of concern that it will scare others away because—the truth is—there’s so little education and advocacy work out there.In Ireland in particular, HIV rates have more than doubled in the past year, making How To Tell A Secret‘s message all the more urgent.The film introduces us to a number of folks living with HIV across the country: Gay men, women, drag queens, and even a group of migrant women who cannot show their faces, but are about to share their truths through the documentary’s unique methods of storytelling.In conversation with PinkNews, Dunne says the film was born out of the “desire to give voice to people who can’t speak for themselves.”“At the heart of the [documentary] is that notion of giving a voice to people—and giving people a platform to tell their stories,” Rodgers adds.

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