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Jamie Lee Curtis Addresses Inclusivity & Binary Awards Categories “As The Mother Of A Trans Daughter” – Oscars Backstage

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Backstage at Sunday’s Academy Awards, first-time winner Jamie Lee Curtis offered her thoughts on Hollywood’s historic tendency to separate award nominees into binary categories based on gender.

The Everything Everywhere All at Once star’s comments came in response to a question about how she felt to have made this year’s list of female nominees — “surreal and proud” being the words that first came to mind. “Obviously, I would like to see a lot more women be nominated so that there’s gender parity in all the areas, in all the branches.

And I think we’re getting there,” said Curtis. “We’re not anywhere near there, and of course inclusivity then involves the bigger question which is, how do you include everyone when there are binary choices?

Which is very difficult. “As the mother of a trans daughter, I completely understand that,” continued the actress. “And yet to de-gender the [categories] also, I’m concerned will diminish the opportunities for more women, which is something I also have been working hard to try to promote.” Curtis reiterated, in closing, the importance of “inclusivity” generally, and of including women specifically, both in the awards race and society at large — “basically just f***ing more women anywhere, any time.” Curtis’ daughter Ruby came out publicly as transgender in 2021.

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