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Men Having Sex With Women Is Gay, Claims ‘Straight’ Right-Wing Podcaster Nick Fuentes

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‘America First’ leader, extreme right-wing, white nationalist, and anti-LGBTQI podcaster Nick Fuentes has a reason for being an involuntary celibate heterosexual.

Fuentes, who considers himself the “straightest guy” recently said that any kind of sexual activity was “gay”.The Anti-Defamation League, describes Fuentes as a “white supremacist”.

According to ADL, “Fuentes and his America First adherents vocally support the closure of the U.S. borders to immigrants, while opposing “liberal” values such as feminism and LGBTQ+ rights”.

Nick Fuentes: "having sex with women is gay"#AF #AmericaFirst #Groyper— Jackson (@McHaloson) May 7, 2022Fuentes identifies himself as an “incel” – an online subculture , mainly among white men, who say they are unable to find a sexual partner.

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