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16 Real-Life Sex And Intimacy Questions You’re Too Shy, Embarrassed, Or Worried To Ask About — Answered By Experts

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Note: Responses and questions may have been edited for length/clarity,Skyler: By starting! The only way to get comfortable with a new activity — even exploring your body — is by just doing it. I would start in the shower or bath, taking a few extra minutes to lather in a more slow and mindful fashion.

Notice the way the soap feels on your body. Notice the enjoyment of the water on your skin. Give yourself some compliments while there!

As you get more comfortable, apply body lotion in a slow and mindful fashion. Then extend this process to looking in the mirror as you do it.

As that gets more comfortable, do this in bed, and continue to explore your genitals and sensations of pleasure. Move at whatever pace feels good to you. There is no pressure to make this happen ASAP.Pitagora: Fluctuations in desire and libido are common and normal.

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