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Of course conservatives are losing it over Disney’s Baymax, healthcare robot and queer ally

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Move over Lightyear, there’s a new Disney property in the conservative crosshairs this week.The family-friendly Disney+ series, Baymax!—a spin-off of the hit animated action-adventure movie, Big Hero 6—dropped recently, and its inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters has certain viewers freaking out.That’s right, the newest threat to our American ideals and values?

It’s this guy.via GIPHYSet after the large-scale super-heroics of the film, Baymax! follows the titular bot—essentially an inflatable robo-nurse—as he provides help and healthcare to the citizens of San Fransokyo (a fantasy city that combines San Francisco and Tokyo, naturally).

It’s a decidedly smaller-scale endeavor, each episode a brief 10-minute vignette where Baymax helps out different friends and comic hijinks ensue.

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