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WATCH: Sleeping with a rock star is a heavy-metal headache in this raucous comedy short

Fire F*cking Fire, a new comedic short from filmmakers Julia Eringer and Rachel Paulson that brings together queerness and heavy-f*cking-metal for a charmingly chaotic tale about how being a true rebel means standing up for yourself.Co-writer/director Paulson (why, yes, that is the icon Sarah Paulson’s sister) stars as Ally, a type-A young woman who surprises herself when she manages to bring firebrand rock star Meg “F*cking” Taylor (actor-musician Calico Cooper)—front-woman of her favorite band, Fire F*cking Fire—home with her.But surprise, surprise: the mega-star metalhead has attachment issues, and Ally’s people-pleasing ways make it extra difficult for her to ask her guest to leave. Suddenly, Meg’s pouring shots before noon, tearing up her wardrobe, and the two have basically broken a new land-speed record for becoming U-Haul lesbians.As things spiral out of control, it all builds to an “epic crescendo” of a house party, where a pushed-to-her-limit Ally finally has to do something truly metal: Stand up for herself.Fire F*cking Fire also stars Capri Campeau as Ally’s bestie Jess, and Our Flag Means Death‘s Vico Ortiz as fellow rocker Sam.

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