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About 60 Percent of Americans Favor Passing Marriage Equality Law

Politico and Morning Consult poll showed that 58 percent of registered voters agreed that federal law is necessary to protect marriage for queer couples. That support is highest with Democrats at 75 percent, and with Independents at 62 percent, while 36 percent of Republicans agreed. Over half of Republicans (51 percent) rejected to Congress passing such a law.The poll sampled 2,000 voters between July 22-24.Earlier this month, members of the U.S.

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Biden stands up for LGBTQ equality in State of Union address
low approval ratings — even among people who previously voted for him in 2020 — Biden attempted to use his speech as a reset for his presidency, decrying Russia and its power-hungry President Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine while offering praise and support for the Ukrainian resistance, and seeking to clarify his (and by extension, his party’s) positions on various domestic issues by calling for programs and bills that would make Americans’ lives easier, fight inflation, get the country back to “normal” following a two-year interruption caused by the pandemic, and calling on states and cities to deal with rising crime rates by fully funding police using money appropriated by the American Rescue Plan.But as he went through the litany of various domestic concerns, Biden seemingly hit on many of the issues and promises he had run on as a candidate for president, even though much of his priorities have been killed in the U.S. Senate, due to the inability to gain 60 votes to overcome the silent filibuster (exacerbated by the refusal of traditionalists to change Senate rules to either eliminate or reduce the 60-vote threshold, or require the minority to actively filibuster pieces of legislation, thereby calling attention to their opposition) as well as political posturing by conservative Democrats like Sens.