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Lucas Kunce & his killer thighs hit Josh Hawley where it hurts the most: right in the “Manhood”

Lucas Kunce is taking his campaign to unseat Josh Hawley to the next level by hitting the gay-hating senator where it hurts the most: his manhood.Kunce just released a new attack ad narrated by actor Jon Hamm, who is originally from Missouri, trolling Hawley for his unhealthy obsession with masculinity and that weird book “Manhood” he published earlier this month that’s being ripped apart be readers and reviewers alike.Josh Hawley’s hotly-anticipated manifesto on masculinity is almost here, y’all!“Jon Hamm’s got a message for Missouri,” Kunce tweeted yesterday, along with the video. “If you want to be told about ‘Manhood,’ Josh Hawley wrote a book about it. But if you want a Marine veteran fighting for you and everyday Missourians in the U.S.

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