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PHOTOS: Andrew Scott, Colman Domingo, JoJo Siwa, Gus Kenworthy & all the fiercest fits of the week

Wilson Cruz‘s toasty turtleneck, Jeffrey Boyer-Chapman’s tummy tease, Jackie Cox’s Star Trek tribute, or Chris Olsen’s right to bare arms, the lewks looks did not disappoint.Click through to peep all of your favorite stars rockin’ sickening getups from the last seven days…View Full PostAndrew brought the Don Johnson Miami Vice vibes in a chartreuse Giuliva Heritage suit at the Ripley premiere in LA.View Full PostColman oozed sensuality by going sans bowtie in this tuxedo fit at the 10th Annual Truth Awards in LA.View Full PostWilson’s crisp monochromatic moment ruled over the Star Trek: Discovery fan screening in NYC.View Full PostJoJo channeled classic rock drag in this KISS-inspired ensemble at the iHeart Radio Music Awards in LA.View Full PostGus loosened up his buttons at the premiere of the Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead remake in LA.View Full PostJBC was crop top chic at the Civil War premiere in LA.View Full PostThe Drag Race legend paid homage to Nichelle Nichols’ iconic turn as Uhura for the Star Trek: Discovery screening in NYC.View Full PostLance complimented his edgy getup with just the perfect amount of manspread at the iHeart Radio Music Awards. View Full PostBilly drought some demure drama to the The Williams Institute’s Legacy gala in LA.View Full Post The supermodel and TikTok sensation glamorously stormed the Netflix‘s Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver album release party red carpet in Queens, NY.View Full PostE.L.

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