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When my child came out as trans, I felt I’d finally found them – not lost them
Can the order siblings are born really affect their personality?Woman only realised she was pregnant when she went to the loo and saw the baby's feetMy 4-year-old is gender nonconforming - but her nursery doesn't respect thatI hope that any parent whose child is gender questioning will listen to their child, let them take the lead and walk with them wherever the path takes you.  It’s not an easy one but it will be one that means you truly get to know your child in a way that not every parent gets the opportunity to do. There is nothing better than seeing them being their authentic selves and being happy.   After all, isn’t that really all we should want for our children?* Names have been changed** Trans includes transgender, non-binary and gender questioning Do you have a story you’d like to share? Get in touch by emailing Share your views in the comments below. MORE : Heartstopper’s Yasmin Finney calls out Boris Johnson in powerful speech to crowd of thousands at London Trans+ Pride: ‘I know you know we exist’ MORE : Here’s how to support a transgender friend MORE : I’m worried that it’s only a matter of time before trans rights are stripped away This year marks 50 years of Pride, so it seems only fitting that goes above and beyond in our ongoing LGBTQ+ support, through a wealth of content that not only celebrates all things Pride, but also share stories, take time to reflect and raises awareness for the community this Pride Month.And we’ve got some great names on board to help us, too.
Heartstopper’s Yasmin Finney calls out Boris Johnson in powerful speech to crowd of thousands at London Trans+ Pride: ‘I know you know we exist’
Yasmin Finney delivered a powerful speech at London Trans+ Pride this weekend – and she made a point of calling out the Conservative government.The 18-year-old actress rocketed to fame following her appearance in the coming-of-age Netflix series, in which she plays Elle Argent, a trans girl who has moved from an all boyall-boyss grammar school to Higgs school for girls.Heartstopper has garnered a legion of fans all over the world following its release, with viewers overjoyed that it’s been renewed for not one, but two more seasons.Yasmin has long been vocal about the challenges the trans community face and the importance of representation in the media, and on Saturday she attended her first Trans+ Pride along with thousands of other LGBTQ+ people and allies.Sorry, this video isn't available any more.The Trans+ Pride march is held every year and aims to ‘celebrate the memory of trans lives taken and uphold the next generation of trans revolutionaries’, with thousands lining the streets annually in protest.Taking centre stage on Saturday, Yaz gave a speech in which she said she feels ‘connected to my community more than ever’.‘If the government is trying to eradicate us, we’re all here, and we’re just duplicating, look at how many of us there are,’ she declared, earning major cheers from the crowd.Proceeding to take aim at Prime Minister Boris Johnson – who resigned from office earlier this week – she added: ‘Boris, bye! Bye!’Yasmin continued to talk about the importance of seeing people she can relate to in TV and film: ‘Having this representation on screen has made me realise how impactful it is.