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Rabbits endure a lifetime of lockdown isolation, says PDSA

While many of us may have struggled with isolation during lockdown, hundreds of thousands of rabbits face a lifetime of endless isolation and loneliness, says leading veterinary charity PDSA.The charity is raising awareness of the plight our cotton-tailed companions suffer during Rabbit Awareness Week, which started on Tuesday, August 10, when animal charities and organisations come together in a bid to address the rabbit welfare crisis.Despite being incredibly social animals, PDSA’s Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report found that half (49%) of all UK rabbits live alone (equating to around 440,000 rabbits) and a quarter (25%, around 230,000 rabbits) are kept in inadequate housing conditions, such as cramped hutches.Lynne James, PDSA Vet, said: ..

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