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The ‘find out’ generation

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A new generation of fearless young leaders is emerging just when we need them most In an op-ed I wrote in April entitled “On gun violence, the new generation will not be silenced,” I wrote about Tennessee state Reps.

Justin Thomas and Justin Pearson being expelled from the Tennessee Legislature. Since then, both have been reinstated by local county governing boards that sent them back to the legislature unanimously.

Their crime? They and Rep. Gloria Johnson decided they had had enough and chose to protest against gun violence from the floor of the Tennessee House.

The national support they have received since then has been enormous. Similarly, Zooey Zephyr, the first transgender lawmaker elected to the Montana Legislature, was silenced by the Republican majority in the Montana House and was being censured (prevented from speaking in House debates and even from attending legislative sessions in person) for saying there would be “blood on the hands” of members who voted in favor of an anti-transgender bill.

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