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Candace Owens Slams YouTube Over Anti-Trans Video Ban: 'I Will Not Lie'

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misgendering trans people.In recent months, the number of large U.S. brands being targeted with boycott calls has grown dramatically, as a host of different companies unveil products supporting Pride Month, which takes place every June.

Companies supporting the LGBTQ+ community outside of Pride Month have also faced backlash from conservatives.A host of prominent conservative voices lead the charge against the companies after Bud Light collaborated with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney for an April 1 social media post.

The debate has continued to rage on, with several entities facing scrutiny for their support of LGBTQ+ people.Owens, who is an outspoken critic of transgender identities, last week said on her eponymous podcast that YouTube had been demonetizing videos that failed to respect the preferred pronouns of others in their content.In a new episode shared on her Twitter account on Monday, Owens said that "if you properly gender someone you can have your [YouTube] account hit.

If that person does not feel that they are that gender that day. So reality does not matter on YouTube, people's feelings about reality does, which is a shocking thing."Owens then said that if she as a Black women said that she felt as though she were "a Mexican man" and somebody posted a video disputing her assertion, "YouTube would see that video and they would take it down.

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