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These are the Top 10 highest-grossing LGBTQ+ films of all time—but how gay are they, really?

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Bros‘ disappointing box office numbers last year, we couldn’t help but wonder: What queer films could be considered blockbusters?Thankfully, there’s a place dedicated to answering questions just like this: Box Office Mojo.

Among their pages and pages of movie-nerd information, the website hosts a ranking of the top-earning theatrical features under the genre keyword “LGBTQ Themes.”Now, what does it take for a film to be considered to include “LGBTQ Themes?” Well, that’s a bit more difficult to answer, but perusing this fascinating list tells us that it’s all pretty loosey-goosey.

Some of these films are unquestionably queer classics, and others? Well… not so much. (Frankly, it’s all the more reason to get out to theaters and support proudly queer films like Bros!)In any event, we decided to take a closer look at the 10 highest-earning (so-called) LGBTQ+ films and figure out: Just how gay are they, really?*And, just to clarify, the data discussed below is based on total lifetime gross from U.S.

box office numbers, not adjusted for inflation, as reported by Box Office Mojo.Released November 27, 1992. Woof, what a way to start.

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