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Three quarters of trans adults have been verbally abused in the last year

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72% of young trans adults have faced verbal abuse over the past year. According to research by the LGBTQ+ youth charity Just Like Us, trans people are the most likely people under the LGBTQ+ umbrella to face abuse.

The charity’s new report, called Positive Futures, will be published on 1 June. The research, which looks at the experiences of young LGBTQ+ adults in the UK, from their wellbeing to time in school and at work, was carried out in January 2023 by Cibyl and surveyed 3,695 adults aged 18-25.

Just Like Us found that 61% of young LGBTQ+ adults have been subjected to verbal abuse. The number is higher for members of the trans and non-binary (70%) and asexual (68%) communities.

Despite not identifying at such, half (47%) of young non-LGBTQ+ adults have faced anti-LGBTQ+ abuse in the past year. Physical abuse is similar for LGBTQ+ (25%) and non-LGBTQ+ (24%) people.

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