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Tree knowledge

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Need to hire an arborist? Just be sure — about everything TARA Mccain | Urban Forestry Coordinator With spring now upon us, property owners can find themselves in need of tree maintenance.

But many are unsure how to accomplish this. Sometimes trees may be dying, or maybe they look a little different from before.

Texas Trees Foundation recommends several steps for property owners before selecting an arborist and has released a set of commonly asked questions to help with this process. First, what is the Texas Trees Foundation? This organization has served as a catalyst in creating a reimagined green legacy for North Texas and this year is celebrating 40 years of addressing urban forestry issues in Dallas.

Scientific research has led to Texas Trees Foundation’s vision of transforming outdoor spaces into greener, cleaner, cooler and healthier communities while also educating the public on the social, economic, environmental and health benefits that trees provide. What does an arborist do? Also known as “tree surgeons,” arborists are dedicated to the practice of arboriculture — the cultivation, management and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines and other perennial woody plants. What services does an arborist provide? Arborists focus on proper tree pruning to improve or maintain the health of a tree and improve structure and on removal of dead limbs within the canopy to improve safety.

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