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WWE's ultimate 'girl next door' whose father 'died' after marrying lesbian love rival

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WWE, the idea of a lesbian love angle involving the on-screen death of a superstar's father would send shivers down the spines of the PG-rated show's executives.But in 2003, it was a different era, and one focused on racier wrestling content.It was known as the Ruthless Aggression era, and one of the top female superstars of the time was Torrie Wilson.READ MORE: 'I broke mould for OnlyFans stars and now I earn s***loads,' brags Brit wrestlerIt's safe to say that anyone who was ever a fan of sports entertainment would have had a poster of the blonde bombshell on their wall as a teenager.Torrie, who turns 47 today (Sunday, July 24), first came to the attention of men everywhere when she debuted for WWE's then-rivals WCW in 1999.She attended a show, visited backstage, and was told to walk out to the ring with the legendary Scott Steiner that night – which she did.The majority of her WCW career, which lasted around a year, was spent being an on-screen manager for the likes of David Flair, the nWo and Billy Kidman.She joined WWE in 2001, after the company had bought, and folded, its rivals, debuting as one of Vince McMahon's latest love interests.

Torrie was mainly used for her looks at that point, and even had a “Paddle on a Pole” match against Daily Star favourite Trish Status.But it was a feud that took place around a year later that really saw her rise to fame – and it involved her real-life father.In September 2002, her rival Dawn Marie – who was a mainstay in ECW in the late 90s – decided to start a relationship with Torrie's father Al, who was around 60-years-old at the time, which involved a lot of kissing on screen.

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