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You haven’t lived until you’ve watched Jennifer Coolidge make a “cameo” in this gay adult film

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murder me make me into an inadvertent adult film star!Look, this is not a shocking thing to say in 2023, but Jennifer Coolidge is a gay icon.

For nearly 30 years, the comedic actress has been slaying us with scene-stealing roles in everything from Legally Blonde to Best In Show.

These days, she’s really having a career renaissance—with a renewed appreciation for pitch-perfect brand of air-headed brilliance—thanks to her work in HBO’s The White Lotus.And, even though her role as the ill-fated Tanya McQuoid has earned her multiple major award wins, her greatest and gayest role yet?

Why, it’s in the gay adult film Eli Enjoys Tyler, of course!You can watch her “cameo” in this SFW clip that’s made its way to Twitter thanks to user @computer_Gay:this porn intro is insane ?

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