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Is Twitter Censoring LGBTQ+ Content? What We Know, What We Don't

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Black Lives Matter), would not appear in the preview pane if sent as a private message, known as a DM, on the platform.Instead, a link to the original tweet would appear with no other further information, but other tweets that did not feature the key words would show as normal in the DMs.The chair of Trans Media Watch, jane fae, first noticed the issue on Saturday, April 1, and contacted her network to discover that many other people were experiencing the same issue."Clearly something is up, it makes life difficult if you're trans and you want to talk about trans and then mention to your friends that you've done it," fae, who does not capitalize her name, told Newsweek."I can see no good reason for it and it feels petty to me and seems to be deliberately done to make life difficult for people at the queer end of the spectrum.

That's what it feels like."fae encouraged Twitter to explain what the "good reason" would be for the alleged censorship, but added that "any argument that it's for 'sensitivity' falls" because you're likely speaking to friends in you DMs, and therefore know the boundaries of what is safe to discuss."But also they're not doing this for words that offend trans people," fae said, adding that she was "against banning words."When Newsweek contacted Twitter via email for a comment, we received a "poop" emoji as a reply.

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