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Your favorite new game is about a sweaty, stripping lumberjack chopping wood

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Logjam, it takes roughly 30 minutes to complete, and you can download it for free.Yang describes Logjam as “a short small game about a middle-aged lumberjack daddy processing wood and other hard things….

It’s a simple work simulator with a burly stripper and occasional twists.”In it, you use your mouse or controller to move the axe up and then bring it down just as an axe icon at the bottom of the screen crosses over the middle of a diagonal line.

You get points for each even cut, and as the outdoor temperature gauge increases, the lumberjack might shed his hardhat, workshirt and jeans.Related: The 10 best queer games available on the Nintendo Switch“I thought it would be funny for the player to have zero control over their character’s nudity,” Yang writes. “He will undress at his own pace.

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