18 Really, Really, Really Funny Twitter Reactions To The "Barbie" Trailer (And The Wonderful Chaos Of Ryan Gosling's Ken)

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Also, be sure to like and follow these Twitter users!Eve walked so Barbie could run pic.twitter.com/JioGFyprvMme if rewatching the barbie trailer was illegal pic.twitter.com/BCIWiN0pybwhen ryan recreates this dance while singing his song in the barbie movie then what pic.twitter.com/qWHzzURZbyI can only assume that the idiot in my groupchat who is betting against 'Barbie' is crying and throwing up after seeing that trailerme after shoving a child out of the way so that i’m first in line for the barbie movie pic.twitter.com/cu4kCKHeSPthey didn’t premiere barbie at cannes because if they did the audience would still be standing up and clapping until june 1st and that’s a liability on the festival https://t.co/vyYAMVyHxXidk why but i really want there to be a scene like this in the barbie movie pic.twitter.com/rCPtsOKjIyThis movie will HEEL the nation https://t.co/nawT43co9EThe entire vibe of Summer 2023 pic.twitter.com/vVVy8EGljnNew Barbie trailer dropped pic.twitter.com/6doFofKImsdo it for her#Barbie pic.twitter.com/HFiYwhVkGEthis barbie is having an existential crisis pic.twitter.com/ShQqfh2u4PGreta Gerwig getting her former Barnard classmate Kate McKinnon to hold up a Birkenstock in Barbie is the most lesbian thing I have ever seen pic.twitter.com/jjN1CgSytDMen, what is stopping you from looking like this? #Barbie pic.twitter.com/FLz24BVJExpic.twitter.com/CUuWzQscsXMe showing up to the Oppenheimer premiere vs showing up to the Barbie premiere pic.twitter.com/B1i93xAdyrGays drunk at 2am on the dancefloor while Robyn “Dancing On My Own” plays pic.twitter.com/opHXv99XzAryan gosling is coming for the title of BEST CHRIS pic.twitter.com/asIn8etqSN.

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