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BBC Apologizes To JK Rowling For Second Time This Month After She Was Accused Of Transphobia

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The BBC has apologized to JK Rowling for the second time in less than a month after she was accused of having transphobic views on a live current affairs show.

In a discussion about Harry Potter video game Hogwarts Legacy on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland show, a transgender woman said she had boycotted the game because it was being used to “fund the anti-trans movement.” Carrie Marshall, a writer and broadcaster, said: “This is having a measurable effect on trans people’s lives and potentially our safety too.

I think that’s why so many trans people are concerned about this game.” The BBC said it reviewed audience complaints about the discussion, which broadcast on February 10.

In a statement, it said the exchange did not meet editorial standards. “The debate got into the issue of gender identity and claims were made about JK Rowling’s views.

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