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Are You LONESOME Tonight? The New Gay Indie Hit's Hottest Scenes

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Via Mr. Man: The new gay-themed indie drama Lonesome is a huge hit with critics, and it also happens to feature some of the year’s most explicit gay content: uncut penises, bottom-sharing, the works.

Lonesome is even being compared to the seminal Midnight Cowboy, but gives us much more in the nudity department. This Australian tale of gay acceptance follows Casey (Josh Lavery), a young gay man who escapes his small, close-minded town after a scandal involving him rocks the place to its core.

On the run and without much of a plan, the despondent Casey begins to turn tricks for money, and Lonesome doesn’t shy away from depicting his sex acts.

The viewer is really rewarded later in the movie when Casey makes it to Sydney, where he comes across a man who he has undeniable chemistry with, Tib (Daniel Gabriel).

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