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Paris Hilton addresses racist, homophobic remarks she made in 2000s when she was 'being a blacked-out idiot'

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Paris Hilton addressed the racist and homophobic remarks she made during the 2000s in her new memoir. Hilton, 42, claimed her time spent at treatment center Provo Canyon School caused her to have a "severely damaged filter" in a chapter of "Paris: The Memoir." The book was released Tuesday.

The "Simple Life" star explained that, during her time at residential treatment centers, she was forced to participate in attack therapy sessions called "raps." During these sessions, Hilton said "people went for the most obvious target in the ugliest possible language." Hilton has also maintained that she was sexually, physically and emotionally abused at the treatment facilities she attended. "The N-word.The C-word.The F-word. (Not that F-word, the worse one.) I look back on some of the things I said in the years after I left Provo, in the throes of PTSD, and I'm mortified," she continued. "Horrified." "I'm grossed out, because that means those creepy people got inside my head.

I never really left them behind." Hilton gave an explanation for the behavior, noting that it wasn't "an excuse." "Saying I drank to dull the pain – that's an explanation, not an excuse," she wrote. "Sometimes I was just wasted and being a f---ing moron," Hilton added. "I don't remember half the stuff people say I said when I was being a blacked-out idiot, but I'm not denying it because coming out of the CDEU system, I had a severely damaged filter – except when I was buzzed and had no filter at all." "My ability to trust people was systemically destroyed, so getting close to anyone made me feel vulnerable and raw.

As a result, I said the worst things to and about the people I love the most." Hilton has been outspoken about her time at Provo Canyon School as.

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