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Cover Star Chase Strangio Is Our Defender

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Chase Strangio, an attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union, is “the face of the whole legal battle for trans rights in the U.S.” At least, that’s how a friend of mine recently described him.

And from what I can tell, he never seems to sleep, never seems to stop. If he’s not in some courtroom litigating against a new state law, he’s on the news talking about it or posting a thread of resources and responsive actions for his nearly 160,000 combined social media followers to take.

To paraphrase the title of a Sarah Jessica Parker movie I’ve never seen: I don’t know how he does it. Over the span of his career, Strangio has gone from an underpaid, overworked lawyer at an LGBTQ+ legal aid organization focused on direct services for queer and trans New Yorkers to a better-paid, still overworked lawyer working on cases that impact LGBTQ+ communities at large in the nation’s highest courts.

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