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Donna Summer Redux: More On The Scandal That Tainted Her Career

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In the good old days of Summer (Image via video still) The other day, I posted about the superb new Love to Love You, Donna Summer doc, and went into the scandal involving her homophobic comments in 1983, after she became born-again.

I was on the fence as to what she really said, with Village Voice reporter Jim Feldman the only critic there to document her words contemporaneously, and with more things being attributed to her over the years.

But I wanted to point out an excellent, well-reported OutWeek piece from September 18, 1989. This was six years later, but not 60 years later.

Still, while anything recalled years later can be embellished, including by well-intentioned people, I find it persuasive that several men who were at her concert independently recalled Summer's churchy words.

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