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Drag Race UK vs the World: We give this “immersive experience” a boot

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Major spoilers ahead for the third episode of Drag Race UK vs the World. Ahh, we were on such a winning streak with the second season of Drag Race UK vs the World.

The first two episodes boasted some pretty accurate judging (a concept we love), fun challenges (samey-samey, but they worked) and tremendous runways (La Grande Dame’s Alien-inspired She-Vil look… still thinking about her).

And compared to season one, the eliminations have been fair. Hard, because we want to see more of these legendary queens (and their runway package), but fair.

Take it this way: we haven’t had a Pangina Heals shrieking from her soul while RuPaul ‘lets the music play!’ moment (yet). Then this week’s challenge came along… For their third maxi-challenge, the nine remaining contestants worked in teams of three to sell their individual brands in an “immersive experience” called “Drag Race World”.

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