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EXCLUSIVE: This romance explores what happens when a gay man and his straight childhood crush reconnect

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had to end that way. What if they had another chance to work it out?“What if he showed up at the door many years later?,” he ponders. “Could we find the words?

Would it even be possible to resolve the past and move forward?”Now, all of those lingering questions have inspired Arnold’s sophomore feature as a writer-director, the original romantic dramedy Shoulder Dance.These films are some of the first that showed gay men living happily and falling in love.The film stars Matt Dallas (who many will remember from teen sci-fi drama Kyle XY—now with more belly button) as Ira, who’s in a long-term relationship with his handsome partner Josh (It Chapter Two‘s Taylor Frey).One day, he hears from his old friend Roger (The Flash‘s Rick Cosnett) out of the blue.

It’s been 24 years since they’ve seen each other last, but Roger is back in town and Ira invites him over for a visit.Pardon us while we have a little victory dance. #shoulderdance ?

pic.twitter.com/IsW1Q5LPPrJosh, for his part, is suspicious: If these two were such good friends, why has he never heard of Roger before?

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