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Fla. lawmaker calls transgender people ‘mutants’

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During testimony Monday in front of the Florida House Commerce Committee, state Rep. Webster Barnaby (R-Deltona) unleashed a transphobic rant at transgender Floridians who traveled from across the state to testify in a committee hearing on the trans bathroom ban bill (House Bill 1521), and other members of the audience in the hearing room.

Barnaby addressed those present in the hearing room stating that trans people as “mutants, demons and imps.” “I’m looking at society today and it’s like I’m watching an X-Men movie with people that when you watch the X-Men movies or Marvel Comics — it’s like we mutants living among us on planet Earth.

And, you know, some people don’t like that, but that’s a fact. We have people that live among us today on planet Earth that are happy to display themselves as if they were mutants from another planet.

This is the planet Earth, where God created men male and women female. I’m a proud Christian, conservative, Republican. I’m not on the fence.

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