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gal-dem founder Liv Little releases “gritty and strikingly bold” debut novel

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Liv Little, the founder of gal-dem magazine, has released her “gritty and strikingly bold” debut novel, Rosewater. The book follows Elsie, a queer, “sexy, funny, and fiercely independent woman living in South London” who, at the age of 28, is “tired”. “Though she spends her days writing tender poetry in her journal, her nights are spent working long hours for minimum wage at a neighbourhood gay bar,” the book’s blurb continues.

Rosewater is said to be a story of discovering love where it has always been, which is a theme likely to be explored through the character’s relationship with her estranged family and frustration with not making money doing what she loves most – writing. READ MORE: Love, murder and mystery: The LGBTQ+ books to read right now “But Elsie is determined to keep the faith, for a little longer at least.

Things will surely turn around. They have to,” the description continues. “As she tries to breathe through the panic attacks, sleeping with her hot and spirited co-worker Bea isn’t exactly straightforward and offers Elsie just another place to hide. “As Elsie tries to reconnect with her best friend Juliet, her fragile world spirals out of control.

Can Elsie steady herself and not fall through the cracks?” Since its release on 20 April, the book has been met with positive reviews from critics, with Charlie Brinkurst-Cuff of Black Joy saying they “raced through it in 24 hours”.

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