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Tig Notaro’s unfiltered and straightforward humor is nothing short of queer brilliance

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Drawn. She proceeds to tell a 10-minute joke about the Kool-Aid man and the logistics of his bursting through fences every time someone happens to open a packet of the iconic drink mix. “He’s a pitcher.

No real clear indication that he’s a man, but he has kind of a rounded bottom…I guess he’s aware when people buy Kool-Aid, kicks down walls…be careful, he’s out there.”It might seem, at first, like standard observational humor.

But rather than use pop culture fragments and personal anecdotes to bond with the audience, the stand-up comedian does something different.

She lets you in on her own loneliness. After the Kool-Aid joke, she shifts into a long story about the time she was dating someone who couldn’t be bothered to pick her up from the hospital after having four wisdom teeth removed.

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