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Gay guys name all the kinks they liked in theory but not in practice

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a recent r/AskGayMen thread, dudes have been discussing the kinks they had until they actually tried it for themselves. Among other kinks that couldn’t be worked out, commenters didn’t enjoy submitting to submission, found degradation too degrading, got pissed about waterspouts, and decided that the more isn’t the merrier when it comes to sex.While it’s different strokes for different folx, there’s no kink-shaming here!Check out these 50 shades of gay that didn’t live up to the hype:“Being with someone overly dominant.

Used to think I’d love it. Tried it and had the overwhelming urge to fight the guy doing humiliation or being rough. Decided I’m clearly the one not fitting here, lol.”“I thought I liked being submissive.

Turns out, I like being dom no matter my position!”“I bawled my eyes out when my dom said no one loved me and I’m just a tool to him.

It was the worst sex I’ve ever had, and he was so sorry about it. Also, anything that involves pain, except for ass smacking.

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