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Lee Pace lures us into a cave with his thirst trap, and we’re gobbling up the bait

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Pushing Daisies), harrowing queer dramas (Soldier’s Girl), blockbuster superhero epics (Guardians Of The Galaxy)—you name it!But just wait until you see the man squatting in a cave.

A post shared by Lee Pace (@leeepfrog)Yes, king! You get up inside that seaside grotto and perch, honey! He deserves to EGOT for these three photos alone.Despite his standing as one of our most prolific (and hunkiest) gay actors, Pace isn’t the most public of celebrities, which is why every post of his can feel like an event, and, on that front, the man continuously delivers.He seems to apply the old showbiz philosophy of “one for them, one for me” to his social media, mixing in promo for his latest projects with gorgeously lensed snaps of himself in nature.

But, considering so many of these photos are shirtless, sun-soaked beauty shots, it’s more like, “one for them, another one for them” because, wow, what a gift!Related: Lee Pace and a bunch of chaotic queers play a deadly game of ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’Shoes off, crouching on some beach pebbles, Pace’s latest comes amid the press rounds for the upcoming horror-comedy Bodies Bodies Bodies, which does—we can confirm—feature more shirtless Pace.

He’s also really funny in it, as is the whole cast, and one has to wonder if this latest thirst trap isn’t another sly way to draw interest to the A24 film.Look, we’re no box office experts, but we have to image Lee Pace thirst is only good for business!If, indeed, lust transfers to ticket sales, then A24 should have a hit on their hands because Gay Twitter™ is going wild for these photos.

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