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Let’s revisit Cher’s weirdest album ever, the ’80s soft rock new age wonder “I Paralyze”

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We recently revisited Liza Minelli’s long-forgotten 1989 electronic dance album Results. Next, we thought we’d take a look at another lesser-known release by a different one of our favorite gay icons.Related: We need to revisit Liza Minnelli’s super gay electronic dance album that nobody seems to rememberIn 1982, Cher released I Paralyze, a strange mix of soft rock and new age songs with a few rockabilly ballads thrown in for good measure.

It was her first and only release on Columbia Records and a commercial flop that ultimately resulted in her taking a five-year hiatus from music.

40 years later, I Paralyze remains one of her weirdest and most underappreciated efforts.Related: That time Cher and Meat Loaf teamed up to record one of the most ’80s rock songs everThe first single off the album was “Rudy.” At the time it was released, the song didn’t chart and received almost no airplay.

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