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LGBTQ+ staff in America earn 90 cents for every $1 ‘typical workers’ make

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LGBTQ+ workers in the United States earn 90 cents for every dollar that a typical worker earns, new analysis has revealed. This figure rose to 97 cents per dollar for LGBTQ+ White workers, stayed at 90 cents for Latinx community members but fell even lower to 80 and 70 cents for Black and Native American LGBTQ+ employees, respectively.

Asian and Asian Pacific Islanders who are LGBTQ+ earn $1 for every dollar earned by the typical worker in the country. The disparity continues when looking at members of the community by their gender identity.

Men earn 96 cents to every dollar a typical worker earns, with this figure dropping to 87 cents for women. Non-binary, genderqueer, gender-fluid and two-spirit workers earn just 70 cents to each dollar, a figure that stays the same for trans men and drops to just 60 cents for trans women.

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