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Man turns to Grindr for an unusual reason and finds success

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Grindr story. Kieran is based in Bristol, England. He says he recently had a bathroom emergency when his sink started leaking.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the tools available to fix it.Solution? As he didn’t know his neighbors, he instead messaged the nearest person on Grindr to see if they could help and provide him with a flathead screwdriver.They were happy to help.People say Grindr is bad, but I sourced a flathead screwdriver faster on there than literally anywhere else’s tweet has had almost 100k likes.He told Queerty borrowing the tool helped avert a disaster.“I was able to sort out the sink problem.

The thing that I needed the screwdriver for was to turn off the water at the mains, so it wouldn’t flood the house before the contractor was able to come in and fix it properly and he has come round today and fixed it so it’s all done now.”He said the Grindr Samaritan, “was very kind and I really did appreciate it, and we can be friends now, he has invited me round his for tea and chats and I told him about the tweet and he thought it was really funny.”To those on Twitter asking if they… you know, Kieran says not.Just an update for the people asking if we ended up fucking anyway; no, because then that would’ve felt as if I had just manipulated the situation to fuck him.

He was very sweet though, and has invited me round to have tea and chat any time.Kieran also said he was unsurprised to get help and believes Grindr often gets a bad rap.“I think despite the reputation it has people on there are just normal people who sometimes get in a bind and more often times than not are willing to help you if you are in one, that’s my experience anyway.

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