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Matthew Rettenmund on his 676-page ‘Encyclopedia Madonnica’, the much-dreaded Madonna biopic, and more

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Matthew Rettenmund wrote the book about Madonna. No, seriously. He literally wrote the book about Madonna.Encyclopedia Madonnica was first released by St.

Martin’s Press in 1995 and billed itself as “the first appraisal of all things Madonna that documents the entire Madonna phenomenon.” Since then, it has undergone one major update–when it turned 20 years old in 2015–and growing from a modest 207 pages to an astounding 604 pages.Now, he’s just released a 2022 update and, at 676 pages, it might be the longest and certainly most comprehensive tome about the pop star ever written.

The book, out now, is currently #1 in Music Encyclopedias on Amazon.We had a chance to talk to Rettenmund about the latest update and what fans can expect from it, Madonna’s most recent musical projects, his dream Madonna collaboration, and the Madonna biopic that may or may not be happening.

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