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Hot Guys + Rogan Slams Bud Light Ban + Molly Kearney On Trans Attacks + Judy Blume On GENDER QUEER + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: He's a squirter. BELOW: Keep reading for hot men, trans controversy and Wicked fun ... Shy (Image via Instagram/video still) SOCIALITE LIFE: Buncha cute dudes.

FACEBOOK: Enter my fun Celebration Tour contest on Facebook! You just need to guess 20 songs you are reasonably sure Madonna will perform on the opening night of the tour.

HUFF POST: I'm no cock-eyed optimist, but NO WAY can FOX win this Dominion suit. OMG.BLOG!: A lot of people who want to have sex with Nicholas Hoult.

PINK NEWS: Joe Rogan, no friend of LGBTQ people, is defending Bud Light in the tiresome Dylan Mulvaney controversy. He points out it's stupid to punish a company for trying to add consumers.

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