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Pedro Pascal flashing his underwear in this throwback photo from his twink era is not to be missed

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Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian, and The Last of Us, fans have been salivating over every inch of the internet’s favorite “cool, slutty Daddy.” Whether he’s giving good interview, hosting SNL, showing support for the LGBTQ+ community, taking over the red carpet, displaying his buff biceps, or just rocking some smelly sneakers, Pascal, 48, is in his can-do-no-wrong era and we’re here for it!“It’s just so psychotic.

Everybody wants a piece of him.”Today’s unearthed artifact from The Pascal Archives™ finds our Latin heartthrob showing off his playful and youthful side from a 15-year-old throwback photo.In the snap, Pascal sports a pouty grin while decked out in a fitted light purple t-shirt with his exposed American Apparel underwear poking out from the waistband of his Diesel jeans.

2008 is a vibe, y’all.Things get a bit more chaotic when it comes to the accessories. In addition to a distressed white leather belt and a charcoal sweater hanging off his right arm, Pascal dons what appears to be a child’s red cowboy hat atop his trademark chestnut brown locks.

We’ll never look at Woody from Toy Story the same again!new/old photo of pedro pascal by monique carboni (2008) was this photo from a casting session for an independent film?

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