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Everyone Is Crying Over "Queen Charlotte's" Brimsley And Reynolds (Same)

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This post contains spoilers for a subplot from Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. Proceed with caution!I mean, Queen Charlotte and George's love story was wonderful (and absolutely made me cry), but it's the relationship between Reynolds and Brimsley that I can't stop thinking about.

The pining! The bickering! The HAND TOUCHING!! Don't even get me started on the dancing. Here's what people are saying across Twitter and TikTok...The best revelation/subplot/romance in #QueenCharlotte is learning that young Brimsley was in love with a young Reynolds. and Reynolds. It’s giving…#QueenCharlotte #QueenCharlotteNetflix FACT THAT BRIMSLEY AND REYNOLDS ARE A THING SJJSJSJ THIS IS EVERYTHING AAAAAAA AND REYNOLDS YOU OWN MY HEART I❤️U#QueenCharlotte absolute mess I became when this transition happened from Brimsley and Reynolds dancing to just Brimsley dancing alone … I will never be the same #QueenCharlotte #Bridgerton to throw hands for Brimsley!

Give this man the world! Protect his heart. Keep him soft! #QueenCharlotte transition of brimsley and reynolds dancing to brimsley dancing with himself only is the most heartbreaking scene in bridgerton #QueenCharlotte #Bridgerton finished #queencharlotte in one sitting.

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