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After months of hype, ‘Bros,’ ‘My Policeman’ ready to debut

This has been a year with an unprecedented number of big titles featuring LGBTQ characters and stories, and given the amount of regressive backlash our community continues to receive from the socially conservative (i.e. bigoted homophobic) crowd, that’s a comforting thing. As we push closer to the year’s close, there are admittedly fewer stand-out offerings on deck for queer viewers – but the ones that are on their way give us plenty to look forward to, anyway. Our list of titles to look for is below:

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Marilyn Monroe's wild bisexual life - as Ana de Armas movie given most explicit rating
Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous Hollywood stars of all time, regarded as the most desirable woman in the world for many years.Now her life is due to feature in the 2022 Netflix film Blonde, starring Ana De Armas - and the steamy film has been given the highest age rating possible: NC-17 for sexual content.Iconic images of her became globally famous, the picture of her standing over a New York air vent one of the best known from that time.But as well as her huge fame, Monroe was also known to have had a wild and fascinating sex life full of mystery and taboo for the time she was living in.Marilyn had once been married to her high school beau, but when he joined the Merchant Navy and she started modelling, the pair divorced after just four years in 1946 - paving the way for the wild sex life that would follow.The son of legendary comic Charlie Chaplain, Charlie Chaplain Jr was thought to have had a fling with Monroe in 1947, but things soon came crashing down when he found Marilyn in bed with his own brother.Fair to say the two didn’t make it last.In 1948, Monroe met comedian Milton Berle on the set of Ladies of the Chorus.He was dating actress Adele Jergens at the time but no matter, with the comic claiming to have had a fling with Marilyn at the time.Rumours in the world of showbiz whispered that Berle was rather well equipped, with the pair starring together in Let’s Make Love in 1960.Writing in his autobiography, Merle said: “Marilyn was on the climb in Hollywood, but there was nothing cheap about her."She wasn't one of the starlets around town that you put one meal into and threw into the sack. Maybe she didn't know exactly who she was, but she knew she was worth something.