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Queer All Year: Reviews of Out On Film’s Mini Fest

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If you want to understand diversity, try programming a mini-film festival with five features and a package of shorts that makes everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community feel represented. (Or try living in Florida, where diversity means that anyone who is not straight, white and Christian breaks the law if they demand equality.) Though anyone can find nits to pick, Out On Film checks an amazing number of boxes in their first spring mini festival.

Part of the Queer All Year campaign, it runs April 3 – 6 at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema, sponsored by Atlanta Pride. You’ll travel from Macon to Morocco, being entertained and educated, laughing and crying through dramas and documentaries populated by people of many colors and orientations.

Here’s the schedule, with one person’s opinion about the features: BLUE JEAN (April 3, 7pm) **1/2 If not played with such great subtlety by Rosy McEwen, the title character of Blue Jean might have been called Gloomy Gus.

She’s a PE teacher in England in 1988, at the time Parliament was preparing to pass Clause 28, which forbade the “promotion of homosexuality.” Though the politics are largely kept in the background, the story could easily be set in America today.

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